Hello Everyone or Anyone out there

My life was supposed to be caviar, Hollywood, and champagne flowing out of fountains. In reality, it is boy scouts, packing lunches in a hurry every single morning (I swear I’ll get it down one day and do it the night before), and of course the referee: “don’t do that to your brother”. While I love my life and my children, I had always pictured my life differently. When I was a girl I imagined it nothing like what it is now. This was the whole reason I named my blog Koolmamma.com

I was with a group of my girlfriends one night (a whole group of single moms) and I said “why don’t I make my blog something like ‘Sex in the City’ only for single moms in the suburbs”. They all laughed and agreed. When I was thinking about my blog after all of the laughs I thought why not? Why not do the opposite of “Sex in the City”, I have enough tragically funny stories to share that may or may not get some people into trouble. (I will try to keep it PG enough to share with everyone, but sometimes kids and single moms can get a little tricky). I also love to give advise about fashion, cooking, kids, dating and whatever else comes along with these crazy lives we lead. I couldn’t see myself doing serious blog and I have always had a sense of humor in any event.

We have all had tough times but I just am sharing a small piece of my life as a single mom who loves her children, and who also loves her friends and life outside of being a mom. I have many hobbies that include and exclude my children, but the stories and insights of my life I tell are the real trials and tribulations of a single mom in the suburbs trying to stay cool. I hope you all enjoy.

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